Challenge: To walk the Welsh 3000ers (15 highest peaks) in Snowdonia within 24 hours.

Distance: This is a 24.2 mile (39km) mountain challenge, with a total ascent of over 3,600m. Including the walk-in to the first summit and walk out from the final summit it will be around 30 miles total.

Route: The day starts with an early morning traverse of Crib Goch and ends in the Carneddau having bagged 15 peaks. The traditional route will be slightly modified to include more scrambles and more direct (i.e. brutal) ascents.

Revised Team: Matt, joined by Craig and Kevin who are raising money for Macmillan Cancer (

Plan: Having been foiled by the late winter snow and ice on the Easter weekend, we will choose a weekend when winter has finished (hopefully August suffices!) and be on Crib Goch by first light. We will bring enough Mars Bars and blister plasters to last the day...

Welsh 3000ers


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