The McCluskey's run the Bath Half

Ian, Mary and I (Liz) are currently training through the cold winter months to run the Bath Half Marathon. We are hoping that we will make it to the finish line and at the same time manage to collect some sponsorship for Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue, who airlifted our brother Andrew from a mountain side 15 years ago.

Andy lost his footing while out walking, slipping 200ft from Bristly Ridge in Snowdonia National Park. Thankfully he was found and kept stable by a brave climber, David Armitage, who alerted the Mountain Rescue team of their whereabouts. They responded quickly, arriving to rescue Andy from the unstable ridge that the pair were slipping away from. He was airlifted to the Intensive Care Unit in Bangor hospital where he received the best possible support from the NHS team, who kept him alive and patched him up a treat.

It has been a long road to recovery but, 15 years on, Andy has overcome so much and now works as an occupational therapist supporting others who have had traumatic brain injuries. We are very proud of what he has achieved, which would not have been possible without the lifesaving work of the volunteers of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue team, who we are forever grateful too.

Now all we must do is exercise just some of Andy’s will power as we prepare for our race on Sunday 12th March 2017. Any donations - big or small - would be very gratefully received.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue team is volunteer run and rely on donations from the public to continue to run this life-saving public service.

The McCluskey's run the Bath Half


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