Risking Life & Limb

OVMRO celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015. Many aspects of rescue have changed over the last 50 years, however the voluntary ethic and extraordinary commitment of those who leave their work, families - and often their beds - at the ping of an SMS remains strong.

"Risking Life and Limb" plots the development of all the things which have changed from equipment and training to technology and the inevitable paperwork. There are details of incidents, and anecdotes, with a liberal splattering of Oggi humour, as team members, family members and casulaties talk about their experiences.

The book recently won The Great Outdoors Awards 2016 Book of the Year. Comments made by members of the public voting in the awards included:

“A thoroughly good read and some sobering thoughts”

“Focus on local team with national appeal, well written and fantastically illustrated”

“Just amazing team of committed people and bloody good read!”

“Brilliant Book - Brilliant Team”

“A story that should be better known!”

“Really fascinating look at the origin of mountain rescue in North Wales and a fascinating insight into the team and its characters”

“A very enjoyable and informative read even if you aren't a hill walker or climber”

“Fantastic read and a VERY worthy subject”

Risking Life & Limb

Risking Life & Limb

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