The Oggie 8 challenge is held annually in the Ogwen valley in Wales and will take place on Saturday Aug 11th. Overseen by the Mountain rescue organisation, it involves concurring 8 peaks over 3000ft in height in a single day. this equates to roughly 25km in distance and includes a climb of over 2.5km in height.

RAF Marham are taking 2 teams to tackle this challenge this year:-

Team Armageddon Stiffer:

1. Chf Tech Dave Rose (EOF)
2. Cpl Colin Buttery (EOF)
3. SAC(T) Kris Northall (CMU)
4. WO Trev Sturrock (ELW)
5. A/Cpl Thom Brown (TCS)
6. Cpl Sanderson (TMS)

Team Armageddon Grumpier:

1. Chf Tech Ian Buller (CMU)
2. SAC(T) Daniel Smith (TSF)
3. SAC(T) George Taylor (TSF)
4. SAC(T) Joel Smythe (TSF)
5. Cpl Justin Nicholls (TSF)
6. Flt Lt Sean Davis (31Sqn)

Oggie 8 Challenge


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